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    Our Lady lives among us once again
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The Sacred Heart

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  • This website describes the events that took place in San Sebastián de Garabandal in Cantabria, Spain, starting in 1961. We do not intend to supplant the definitive judgment regarding the events that took place in Garabandal. Such judgment belongs to the authority of the Catholic Church alone, to which we submit ourselves.
  • The small village of San Sebastian de Garabandal, Spain, was marked by the presence of the Most Blessed Virgin Mary. In nearly 3,000 public apparitions between the years 1961 and 1965, she appeared to 4 girls, between 11 and 12 years of age: Conchita González, Mari Cruz González, Jacinta González y Mari Loli Mazón.
  • Our Lady treated the girls with maternal love and tender care. Through her words and actions, she taught them how to live in close relationship with God in their everyday lives. They also received messages and prophecies, many of a private nature, and many others of great importance for the Church and the whole of humanity.
  • The First Message - October 18th, 1961 "We must make many sacrifices, do much penance, and visit the Blessed Sacrament frequently. But first, we must lead good lives. If we do not, a chastisement will befall us. The cup is already filling up, and if we do not change, a very great chastisement will come upon us.".
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The Little Miracle

The Miracle of the Visible Communion

Conchita wrote in her diary on June 22nd, 1962, that the angel, after giving her Communion, said, “I am going to perform a miracle. Not me, but God, through my intercession and yours. The next time I bring you Holy Communion, the Sacred Host will become visible on your tongue.” This surprised Conchita because she thought that everyone always saw the Sacred Host when she received Communion from the angel. A week later, she heard a voice say that the Miracle, or the Little Miracle, as she called it, would take place on July 18th. The Miracle occurred just as the angel had predicted.

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"I never abandon you."

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