A Priest Thanks to Garabandal

sacerdote rosario

This young priest has never been to San Sebastian de Garabandal. Nonetheless, reading a book that allowed him to thoroughly discover the events that took place there brought him into a relationship with and an experience of Our Blessed Mother, which led him to discover and accept his call to the priesthood.

Although I have never been to Garabandal, I can say that the Virgin Mary has used the events that took place there over fifty years ago to touch my heart and place it before the Lord.

It is true that I felt the Lord’s call since my childhood and adolescence, but the Lord threw me off my horse when I became a young adult. He showed me his insistence and made me take the step to start discerning if He was calling me to the priesthood.

The situation was the following: I found myself finishing studies in a city of northern Spain. I had starting going out with a girl I met on a pilgrimage to Lourdes. To her and myself, our relationship seemed as if it came from the Lord through the Virgin Mary. I was coming out of doubts about the Faith, and this girl was a very important instrument the Lord used to begin to trust Him again.

It happened that during the summer we met, she gave me a book on Garabandal titled, “She Went in Haste to the Mountain,” by Fr. Pesquera. I began to read it, and from the start I experienced a growing need to pray the Rosary on my knees, slowly, from my heart, and to put my life in the Virgin Mary’s hands. This turned into a daily necessity that ended in asking the Virgin Mary what her Son’s will for me was. In this way, I recognized how the Lord had been calling me to the priesthood the whole time, and that this intuition deserved a vote of confidence.

Not much time passed, and I entered the seminary. Today, I am a priest. I can honestly say that I owe my vocation to the Virgin Mary since, throughout these years of discernment and my priestly life, I have always felt her motherly help.

I hope my simple testimony can help give glory to God through Mary.

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