I Was at Garabandal


Mariano Sardina Posada was born in Cantabria, Spain, but has been living in Castellon since 1968. She was a witness of the apparitions on two occasions in 1961 and 1962. These are her memories, originally published on the website Garabandal: Only God Knows.

I am from Cantabria and I've been residing in Castellon since 1968. I was at Garabandal one afternoon in the month of August in 1961. The impression I obtained was not very clear, because there were a lot of people and I could not witness the ecstasies well.

On vacation, I went back with a friend in August 1962. We spent the whole afternoon at San Sebastian and heard that Mari Loli received a call and would have a vision that night. My friend, a young Jesuit, and a military guy from Cartagena and I were in Loli’s parents’ store with them present.

At 1:00am she fell into ecstasy on the stone floor of their house. She spoke and kissed my wedding ring and my friend’s. When the military guy saw this, he wanted to give his to Loli, but he was unable to communicate with her in ecstasy. After some time, she got up and, while in ecstasy, left the house and brought us to another home in the town that was about 160-200 feet away. We went upstairs to visit a sick person, then walked back (she remained in ecstasy walking backwards) to our starting point where she knelt down in ecstasy. After a few minutes it ended. I remember the girl’s joyful expression and her smile. During the ecstasy we verified her body’s stiffness.

We said goodbye to her parents, who were going to get up early the next day to work outside, and walked back to Cosio, which was where we had rented rooms to stay in. Additionally, I wanted to comment on the conversation I had with her father in which he told me about the sacrifice this situation meant for them, quite contrary to the rumors going around about the benefit they were receiving from the people in the town.

I have returned to Garabandal on recent occasions, and I always remember these experiences with great joy.

Mariano Sardina