The messages were enough

This is a beautiful testimony sent to our website from Costa Rica. Marvin Vargas Jara explains how becoming familiar with Our Blessed Mother’s messages in Garabandal has changed his life.
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I was born in Heredia, Costa Rica, on April 9, 1959. Therefore, I was two years and a few months old when the apparitions began. I come from a Catholic family. During my childhood and adolescence, I was close to the Church, but when I finished high school, I fell away. I think I made my last Confession before I turned eighteen... I was not a bad son or a bad person. I always had my Blessed Mother on my mind.

I got married when I was thirty-eight, and now I have two marvelous daughters who are eighteen and sixteen years old. My wife and I divorced five years ago, which impacted and hurt me a lot, especially for my daughters.

For a time, my sister lived in my house, and we used to talk about religious things in the evenings. We also commented on mysteries like Marian apparitions. One day she asked me if I had ever heard about Garabandal. To tell the truth, I had never heard that word in my life. I was curious and that night I began to look up information on the computer. I found several videos and chose one that lasted more than an hour. When I finished watching it, something impacted me so much that inside I said to myself, “This is the most marvelous thing I have ever heard in my life on apparitions of the Blessed Virgin.” From that moment, I watch and search for information on Garabandal. I have watched a lot of videos, almost every one that exists.

The messages and recommendations the Blessed Mother gave the girls was what made me go back to Church. I went back, went to Confession, I always go to Mass, and I am part of a prayer group. My life changed.

Before, months would go by without seeing my daughters, but one day I received a message from my daughters’ mother which read: “Marvin, you can see your daughters whenever you want and the days you want.” That message was a miracle from the Virgin Mary. Now, we have even begun a friendship for our daughters’ good.

I have gone through moments of economic difficulty. I have an obligation by law (alimony) that becomes difficult to manage on occasions. Yet, I have always been able to get through and I have never gone hungry. I feel protected by my Blessed Mother, and I remain under her protection. Material things do not matter. I have a house and a job. This house will go to my two daughters when I am gone. Before that though, I would be the happiest man on earth if I could go to Garabandal, be there, and pray the Rosary at the Pines... One day I will. My daughters know about Garabandal because I always talk to them about it. When I heard about the movie, I forwarded the information to them and they were happy to receive it. Yesterday, something really touched me. My eighteen-year-old daughter, Melissa, told me, “Dad, when I get a job, I will take you to Garabandal, even if you walk with a cane.” This made me shed a few tears.

God bless all those who were involved in this movie, which is a work of art. May the Virgin Mary enlighten the Vatican so that this miracle may be recognized. Thank you for reading this simple testimony.