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Garabandal Saved My Priestly Life

Fr. Richard Gilsdorf affirmed that discovering Garabandal had saved his priestly life. In his testimony, from which the ideas below are taken, he recounts the spiritual benefits he received from Garabandal, its story, and the Messages. Fr. Richard Gilsdorf passed away on May 4, 2005.


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An Amazing Healing: “Materially and Scientifically Impossible”

Francisco went running after her. He knew that Montse was not capable of running like that. Never, and much less during a crisis. A suspicion arose in his heart: “Could it be a miracle?”

Montserrat Moreno and her husband, Francisco Santiago, didn't go to Garabandal looking for a miracle; they just wanted to rest and pray. Montse was ill, gravely ill. She suffered from ankylosing spondylitis (a degenerative and incurable condition in the vertebrae) and also from fibromyalgia. In this article, they tell us themselves the story of her amazing healing.

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The Miracle of the Andes

“A group of mothers placed all our hopes in the Virgin of Garabandal and we regained our children.” - Sara Urioste, mother of one of the October 1972 plane-crash survivors.

The story about the plane-crash that occurred in October 1972 is well known by many. However, the testimony of Sara Urioste, mother of one of the survivors, is less known. She attributes her son’s life and that of the other survivors to the intercession of the Virgin Mary who appeared in Garabandal.


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