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Fr. Ramon M. Andreu's Cross - Found Objects


Fr. Ramon M. Andreu noted this extraordinary event of which he himself was a witness.

"On August 15 [1961] one of the girls prayed the Rosary with a rosary I had given her. Later, when she returned it to me, we observed that the cross was missing. It had fallen off and was lost. It was useless to search for it in those streets, paths and lanes... Twenty days later, on September 5, it occurred to me to tell the girls to ask the Virgin Mary for my Rosary's cross... I myself heard the dialogue in which they asked Her and how the exact spot was specified. Once the trance concluded, we went without any hesitation to the indicated spot, and there was the little cross beneath a stone in the mud."

This event, and many others like it, left the witnesses surprised, for it was so obvious that it was impossible for the girls to know where the objects were. In the mud, stones and grass, they found the lost objects and gave them back to their owners. Moreover, the girls in ecstasy went their way in an absolutely accurate manner, not hesitating, to the exact spot in which the objects were without lowering their gaze.


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