The First Wedding Ring Kissed by Our Blessed Mother


The first ring given to Our Lady to be kissed belonged to Maximina, Conchita’s godmother and aunt. Jacinta went to Conchita’s house in ecstasy. Maximina was talking to Conchita and said, “Conchita, since our wedding rings are blessed, maybe Our Lady will kiss them. It just occurred to me. Give this to Jacinta so she can give it to Our Lady and we’ll see if she kisses it.”

Conchita said to Jacinta, “Jacinta, take this ring. Present it to Our Lady to see if she will kiss it.”

Jacinta didn’t know whose ring it was. Jacinta said to the Blessed Mother: “Take this ring, kiss it… Oh, this is Maximina’s wedding ring? Well, here, kiss it!

Our Blessed Mother kissed the wedding ring and then Jacinta went over to Maximina, took her hand, and put her ring on her finger. This was the first time the girls called the wedding rings ‘alianzas’ (which in Spanish means covenant, as they are a sign of the promises made) and the first time they looked for the owner to put it back on his/her finger. Later they gave many more wedding rings to Our Lady—that same day they gave several to be kissed.