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The Double Proof for Sarín


David Toribio was one of the young men that guarded the girls in the famous “cuadro” (square) of the “Calleja” and impeded the avalanche of people from surrounding them.  He was a witness to the unforgettable ecstasies, which he remembers with great detail, thanks to his extraordinary memory.

One day, not long ago, David ran into Sarín, a neighbor from Cosío. Shortly after greeting one another, Sarín asked him, “Oh, “Davizuco!  Do you remember what happened in the village in ’61?”  David answered, “Of course I remember.”  Sarín continued, “And do you still believe it?  Are you convinced of it?”  David affirmed with certitude, “Completely, Sarín.  More and more every day.”

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The Tape Recorder


This story is taken from the report written by Fr. Jose Maria Andreu, S.J., an eyewitness of the apparitions.

This is a story that took place during the first days of August and it concerns a tape recorder. A man brought a battery-powered recording device and recorded what the girls said in ecstasy at the pines. I have reference to this event through Fr. Jose Salceda from Aguilar de Campoo, a witness of the following account.

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“They don’t want to kiss Him?”

cruz besar

During their ecstasies, the visionaries always carried a crucifix that they would offer to those present. They would stretched out their hand to whomever Our Lady indicated in order for that person to then kiss the crucifix. This is an anecdote from the night of October 17, 1961.



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“I burst into tears and asked God to forgive my disbelief”


Dr. José de la Vega asks God for a sign to make him believe.

Dr. José recalls what happened:

Half of the village and all the outsiders, including children, followed her astonished by what was happening. We'd just seen her in her modest village kitchen, chatting with us, even though she was half asleep because it was 4 o’clock in the morning, and now we were seeing her suddenly in ecstasy and falling down upon the hot kitchen stone floor without burning herself.


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