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    Month of May

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Day 4

From the Hymn AKATHISTOS to the Mother of God:

"Rejoice, initiate of God's ineffable will:
    Rejoice, assurance of those who pray in silence!
    Rejoice, beginning of Christ's miracles:
    Rejoice, crown of His dogmas!".

From the saints:

 "The name of Mary is jubilation in my heart, honey on my lips, melody to my ears." (Saint Anthony of Padua).

To meditate on:

Think about how the most Holy Name of Mary shouldn't cause us indifference. There is nothing sweeter to the holy souls nor more useful to sinners than bringing together the two blessed names of Jesus and Mary, and calling upon them often. Have you engraved these two names in your heart already?


Today repeat frequently the name of Mary with joy, fervor, and gratitude..

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