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    Month of May

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Day 6

From the Hymn AKATHISTOS to the Mother of God:

"Rejoice, Thou Who ineffably gavest birth to the Light:
    Rejoice, Thou Who didst reveal Thy secret to none!
    Rejoice, Thou Who surpassest the knowledge of the wise:
    Rejoice, Thou Who givest light to the minds of the faithful!
    Rejoice, Virgin and Spouse!".

From the saints:

 "Whoever trusts in Mary will never be letdown" (Saint John Bosco).

To meditate on:

Take a moment to consider Mary's great trust in God. She never doubted God or his plan. She teaches us to trust and to live with hope. She invites us to trust in her too and turn to her in every moment of our life. Where or who does a child run to when he is upset or cries, or something hurts or he's afraid? To his mother. Do you do the same with Mary?


Today make repeated acts of trust in the Virgin Mary knowing that she will never let you down..

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