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    Month of May

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Day 9

From the Hymn AKATHISTOS to the Mother of God:

"Rejoice, acceptable incense of intercession:
Rejoice, propitiation of all the world!
Rejoice, good will of God to mortals:
Rejoice, boldness of mortals before God!
    Rejoice, Virgin and Spouse!".

From the saints:

 "Mary will present to Jesus, both your tears and your joys. She will gather your praises to God, and even if she finds nothing more in you than an immense tenderness towards her, it shouldn’t matter to you that your song of praise to the Lord is not as elevated as you would like. Mary will present it to Him, and that is enough for Him to happily accept it." (Saint Rafael Arnaiz).

To meditate on:

Think about the Presentation of Mary in the temple. She doesn’t offer things, she offers herself. See how she gives you an example of promptness in following God’s calling. She hears the voice of God and runs to follow him. Do you do the same? How many times do are we slow to respond to what the Lord wants and to act promptly because we aren’t generous! We think that God comes to take something away from us, when it is the exact opposite—He comes to give us much more! Reflect today on your promptness in fulfilling what God wants of you in every moment, comparing yourself to Mary and keeping your gazed fixed on her.


Today, when someone asks an act of charity of you, do it promptly with joy in imitation of your Mother.

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