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    Month of May

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Day 14

From the Hymn AKATHISTOS to the Mother of God:

"Rejoice, Thou Who didst banish from power the inhuman tyrant:
Rejoice, Thou Who didst show us Christ the Lord, the Lover of mankind!
Rejoice, Thou Who redeemest from pagan worship:
Rejoice, Thou Who dost drag us from the works of mire!."

From the saints:

 "I have placed all my trust in you; with my gaze fixed upon you I hope for my salvation thanks to your goodness." (Saint John Damascene).

To meditate:

How often we fix our gaze on worldly things, on things that pass by and come to an end, on things that are not light for our eyes, but rather darkness and even ugliness. Sin is darkness. Mary always had her gaze fixed on the Lord, hoping in Him, trusting in Him, and believing in Him. She teaches us where we have to direct our gaze: on Jesus. He is our Savior and Redeemer. Today think about where you fix your gaze and where you place your hope. Examine your faith: Do you really believe in Jesus? Do you live coherently with the faith you profess? Ask the Blessed Virgin to help you.


Today visit any Marian shrine or Church dedicated to Our Lady and thank her for her example and ask her to help you to have a faith like hers.

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