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Day 25

From the Hymn AKATHISTOS to the Mother of God:

"Rejoice, vessel of God's wisdom;
Rejoice, storehouse of God's providence.
Rejoice, revealer of philosophers as fools;
Rejoice, exposer of the technologists as irrational."

From the saints:

 "The key is not act according to our ideas, but to be in her hands. She can best achieve God's glory, while we spoil many things. Everything depends on our perfect docility toward her." (Saint John Damascene)

To meditate:

Today remember once again what happened at the wedding feast of Cana. “Do whatever He tells you.” This was Our Lady’s command. So simple, yet how hard it is for us at times! We should do what He asks of us, what she asks of us. This requires docility. Think what it means to be docile. If clay turned to the potter and said “don’t touch, or mold me, or anything”, will the potter be able to make that clay into the shape he wanted to? Does the clay know better than the potter? Think how you still resist letting God mold you, though he knows what is best. Entrust yourself to the Virgin Mary.


Today give to God, through Mary, that which He is most asking of you.

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