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Day 27

From the Hymn AKATHISTOS to the Mother of God:

"Rejoice, Thou Who drawest us from the depths of ignorance:
Rejoice, Thou Who enlightenest many with knowledge!
Rejoice, ship for those who wish to be saved:
Rejoice, harbor for sailors on the sea of life!
Rejoice, Virgin and Spouse!"

From the saints:

 "We must never go to our Lord except through Mary, using her intercession and good standing with him. We must never be without her when praying to Jesus." (St. Louis Marie Grignion de Montfort).

To meditate on:

Jesus told us many times to ask for things in his name and it would be given to us. But we have to ask with faith. Think of how many times we lack faith when we pray to our Lord. Examine why you lack faith. Sometimes we pray for something without really believing that the Lord can give it to us or do it. Why do we doubt? Consider how so many times you are like Peter who stepped out of the boat with so much enthusiasm but when the wind blew, he doubted and sunk. But do not be afraid because just as Jesus did not allow Peter to sink but caught him by the hand and pulled him out to dry land, so he too will do with you. He will look at you and say, “why did you doubt?”, inviting you to renew your trust in Him.


Today repeat the ejaculatory prayer: “Jesus, I trust in you. Mary, teach me to believe”.

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