I, Your Mother

Many people ask themselves where and when the peculiarity of praying the Hail Mary adding "and our Mother" came about. You could say that it came spontaneously from some girls that experienced in a profound way the maternal love of Mary. It was on August 1, a few weeks after the beginning of the apparitions, when people heard the girls pray during ecstasy: "Mother of God and Our Mother." In this way, they unanimously manifested the common experience of their relationship with the Lady of Garabandal. They felt that they were children of that Lady and they saw her as "Mother of God" and "Our Mother."

Fr. Jose Luis Saavedra, in his book "Garabandal: A Message of Hope," comments:
"The Lady in the apparitions of Rue du Bac had manifested herself as “Mary Conceived without Sin.” In Lourdes, she said, “I am the Immaculate Conception.” In Fatima, “I am Our Lady of the Rosary.” In Banneux, “I am Our Lady of the Poor.” In Medugorje, “I am the Queen of Peace.”
In Garabandal, on a very important date: June 18, 1965 – the day the second and last Message was given – Our Lady defined herself with the title that had already sunk in on the little visionaries: “I, Your Mother.” From the beginning, the girls had perceived Mary’s maternity in Garabandal. They showed this by affectionately adding “Mother of God and Our Mother” to the Hail Mary.

Our Lady does not permit them to use this formula on a normal basis until it is authorized by the Church, demonstrating in this way – as on other occasions - an attentive regard for the Ecclesiastical Hierarchy.