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“Let Them Confess and Receive Communion”

We have taken this section, “Life of Piety,” from the reports of Fr. José Ramón María Andreu, S.J. Although brief, it clearly shows a sincere and simple desire to be better and how, since the apparitions began, the girls had learned about what really matters. Among the notes, we find that “the girls received Communion every day,” and that “each day they pray several Rosaries.” This report also reveals what Our Lady desires of the Spanish people. It was a canon from Tarragona who formulated the question and received the following response: “Let them confess and receive Communion.” Now we know what is expected of us.


From the beginning of the events, the girls received Communion every day. They attend all of the Masses that are celebrated, and pray several Rosaries every day.

At times, the fact they talk and smile in Church draws visitors' attention. It drew my attention, too, and in one of my conversations with them, I mentioned it. They responded, "Is it bad to talk in Church?" When I said that it was disrespectful, they answered, “And why does the priest talk?” I told them that the things priests say in Church were important things. Note that, on some days, more than a dozen priests were gathered. They [the girls] said to me, “We ask things about the Mass and the Rosary, and sometimes others make us laugh.” But I told them that they should not talk. They answered me, “Well, when we are with Our Lady, we also speak. But if you tell us to behave better, we will.”

On August 8, Mari Cruz said to Our Lady in a vision: “Yes, now I know how to pray better. Before, I knew how to play better.” After asking the girls what Our Lady wants from the Spanish people in order to make reparation, She responded, “Let them confess and receive Communion," and they [the girls] practice it. This question was formulated by a canon from Tarragona.



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