Miguel Ángel González, Jacinta’s Brother

Miguel is Jacinta’s brother. He is a year older than she is, and was 13 years old when the Apparitions began.
“I heard of the apparitions for the first time on the day that the girls saw the Angel, June 18, 1961. I went to see them in ecstasy when the majority of the people went.”  

I heard of the apparitions for the first time on the day that the girls saw the Angel, June 18, 1961. I went to see them in ecstasy when the majority of the people went.

I didn’t feel like going to see them! But after four or five days I decided to go. The day before, a few women from the town had gone and they told us about it. When I went, the girls prayed the Rosary in the Calleja (the stone path). After the Rosary, the four girls suddenly fell into ecstasy. I realized that it wasn’t normal, but I didn’t believe that it was the Blessed Virgin Mary.

During the first few days, my parents did not believe the girls either. They didn’t want anyone to find out. Jacinta told them that she wanted to go back to the Calleja and they said to her: “Go, but make sure no one sees you. Each of you should start in a different location, and meet up farther away so as not to be seen by anyone.”

But the people soon found them.

I have seen at least 200 ecstasies. Their faces completely changed; they had smiles on their faces and they never showed any signs of fatigue or weariness. After the ecstasies, they were perfectly fine.

I was 13 at the time and I was a good runner. When they went from one place to the next so quickly, I followed them. I had to run, but I followed them. At the end, I was always sweating but they were perfectly fine!

The Blessed Virgin waits patiently for Miguel to kiss the crucifix:
One day I was in bed, and the room was dark because the sun had already set. The three girls were in ecstasy and they had come so that I could kiss the Cruficix. I did not want to kiss it. I was awake, but I did not want to kiss it. The girls wouldn’t leave; they stayed for a good 15 minutes. Though it was dark, they put the Crucifix on my lips. They could not have known whether I had kissed it or not. They pressed it upon my lips, but I didn’t kiss it. They couldn’t see anything, but the moment I kissed the crucifix, they left.

The girls’ parents wanted to test the girls to see if the apparitions were genuine. The girls often knew that they were going to have an ecstasy, but they did not know exactly when it would take place. So their parents separated them, each girl in her own house. But all of them fell into ecstasy in the same moment, even though they weren’t together.  

I was present for the “Night of the Screams.” It took place in the Calleja (the stone path that leads to the pine trees) and many people from the village were also present that night. The first night we were with Jacinta and Loli. On the second night, Conchita came as well.

When the ecstasy began, the people remained further down on the hill, but the girls began to approach them, so they walked closer as well, until they were about two meters in front of the girls. The people began to cry. They thought the world was going to end. The people were frantic and scared because the girls were sobbing and their faces were full of terror.  The girls begged the Blessed Virgin not to let the Chastisement come that night:
“No, not tonight! Don’t let it be tonight! Another day, but not tonight, no! Give the people a few more days so that they can go to confession!”

The villagers believed that the world was going to end that night. The next day, all of the people in the village went to confession; I did as well. It was very clear that the girls were frightened.

On another occasion, I heard them talk about the denial. The girls had told me that one day they would deny everything. So they said to the Blessed Virgin: “But how could we deny that we see you if we are seeing you right now? How is it possible that we could deny it?”
That’s what I heard.

One night, I was walking with Jacinta and Loli. They often went to the cemetery. I was so scared that I left them alone. They walked right up to the cemetery. I stayed back, watching them. I was a year older than they were, but I didn’t dare get any closer. They were alone in the cemetery, but soon more people came, and I decided to join them.

They were not afraid to go to the cemetery at all. They put their hands through the iron grill on the gate. With the crucifix in their hands, they reached their arms through the iron bars on the gate, and it seemed as if they were offering it to people so that they could kiss it, 40 or even 100 people with different heights, some taller, some shorter. Many souls of the faithful departed kissed the crucifix that night.

The girls frequently brought the crucifix to the sick and elderly during the ecstasies. If someone was very sick or elderly or was about to die, the girls would often go at night to pray two or three rosaries with that person.

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