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February 2022

If You Will, You Can Make Me Clean

In the previous newsletter, we talked about hope and faith amid suffering. This month, which is dedicated to the sick, our eyes and thoughts turn toward the mystery of human suffering once again. St. John Paul II said: “Down through the centuries and generations it has been seen that in suffering there is concealed a particular power that draws a person interiorly close to Christ... To the suffering brother or sister, Christ discloses and gradually reveals the horizons of the Kingdom of God: the horizons of a world converted to the Creator, of a world free from sin, a world being built on the saving power of love. And slowly but effectively, Christ leads into this world, into this Kingdom of the Father, suffering man, in a certain sense through the very heart of his suffering” (Salvifici doloris, 26).

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January 2022

As we move on in life and in our spiritual life, we see how everything passes. The heart searches for a place, a something that does not pass or end. The Christian heart finds this something in God. God does not pass away; He is eternal and infinite. In Him alone can we truly place our hope. In our daily life, it tires us when we put our hope in something or someone other than God.

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November 2021

November begins with a great Solemnity, All Saints' Day. We celebrate in a special way all the anonymous saints who rejoice in God's presence and share in Christ's triumph and glory. It is a day to be glad about God's action in countless souls and to remember that we too have received the call we must answer.

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December 2021

With Advent, we have begun a hope-filled time. Some questions arise: What do you hope for? Who do you place your hope in? Can you truly say, "All my hope is in Thee?" or have you divided your heart's hope with other things that are not our only Hope? It is time to do a review. Examine and act.

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October 2021

We have begun October, a month dedicated especially to the rosary. Some people say that it is a repetitive and boring prayer, but that is absolutely untrue. Praying the rosary is contemplating the life of Christ through the eyes of Mary. In many Marian apparitions, She has insisted that we pray the rosary. In Garabandal, She taught the children to pray the rosary, and to do so slowly.

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