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Even if You Don’t Feel It

Many of us base our Christian life on feelings and emotional graces: “If I feel, I believe. But if I don't, I don't know if I believe."

Something Mari Cruz wrote to Father Andreu can help us reflect on this.

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True Love

Our Lady in Garabandal told us at the end of the second message to "meditate on the Passion of Jesus."

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Conchita gives us a message - March 19, 2020

"God is separating us from the values ​​of this world. In the silence of the Church or in our home, we can now do an examination of conscience so that we can purify whatever prevents us from hearing the Voice of God clearly."

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We Await the Warning

The Warning will be a particular grace God will give to each person in order to him or herself as God does. It will be a time when we will find ourselves alone with God and our conscience.

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