There are so many things in Garabandal that are like the fingerprints of a mother… details that only a mother could show to her children. Our awe and our gratitude only increase when we think about the fact that we are not talking about just any mother, but the best of all mothers, the Mother of God and Our Mother. You could think, “I wasn’t there during the apparitions; I wasn´t even born yet. What do those details have to do with me if they took place more than half a century ago?” However, all the motherly proofs that the Virgin Mary gave to the girls in Garabandal are meant for us as well. She acts in this same way with all of her children and we are also Mary’s sons and daughters. These motherly caresses are usually more visible and perceivable at certain times, but we cannot doubt that we receive them and we also must ask for them. So many saints have talked about the efficiency of the Virgin Mary’s intercession before God. Do we really go to her as often as we should? Is a mother really going to deny her children something that is good for them?

mejormadre2On this webpage, you can read about many episodes that manifest this motherly love of the Virgin Mary towards all mankind and that she showed in such a detailed way in Garabandal. For the moment let’s take a look at something that Conchita said:

“Many times during the ecstasies, the Virgin Mary did not look directly at us, but farther away at the people that were behind us. Sometimes she changed her expression, but she never stopped smiling. I would often ask her: ‘What are you looking at?’ and she answered me, ‘I am looking at my children’”.

It is often difficult for us not to place ourselves in the center of attention. It’s true that Mary is looking at you, that she loves you and that she is taking care of you…but not just you. She looks at, loves and cares for everyone because they are all her children. She wants to use you as an instrument in order to reach her other children. In Garabandal, the visionaries became instruments through which the world came to know the love of the Blessed Mother and her messages to us. The Virgin Mary also wants to use you as an instrument in order “to look” at her children.

Why don’t you offer yourself to Mary for whatever she needs? The world is in great need of God and of discovering the Truth, Jesus Christ and his word… In Scripture, God asks: “Whom shall I send? Who will go for us?” (Isaiah 6:8). Let today be the day that Mary hears you say: “Mother, I am nobody, I can’t do anything…but if you want ‘here I am. Send me’ (Isaiah 6:8).