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This Advent we offer you a word to listen to and to live: Wake up.

We are often asleep in our practice of faith, charity, and hope. We have nearly forgotten that the Lord told us to keep watch because we do not know the day nor the hour of his return. Advent arrives to remind us of this. Christ promised that He would return, but we do not know when. Meanwhile, He has told us to keep watch and pray. We can take seriously these words of Christ, and really make an effort to put them into practice and not waste time this Advent.

In Garabandal, we know that many times the girls, and all those who were with them, used to wait for the apparition late into the night. They stayed awake and waited for the Virgin Mary. Maria Jose Alvarez, witness of the apparitions, gives us this information: “After going from house to house where apparitions were going to take place, we sat on a bench in front of the window of Conchita’s house. The kitchen was full and the door open. The Rosary was being prayed and we answered from outside. At 6:00am the people who were in the kitchen decided to go outside so that we could go in case we were cold.
Conchita and her mother were sitting at both sides of the fire. Aniceta was more awake of the two, and I said to her: “Why don’t they go to bed, knowing that the Virgen Mary won’t come until later?” Aniceta answered me, “Knowing that the Blessed Virgin is coming, the least we can do is stay up to wait for her.”

juanpabloThis is the attitude that we should have now and always before the Lord’s coming: remain interiorly awake, that is, be prepared.

“The exhortation to watch and pray so as to be ready to meet the Lord sounds as vibrant and timely as ever” (Homily of St. John Paul II, 1st Sunday of Advent, 1997).

The Lord is coming and hopes to find the doors open. When he comes to our heart, may what happened on the day of his birth not be repeated: “There was no room for them in the inn” (Luke 2:7). “Open the doors to Christ, your Savior” (St. John Paul II).

We ask the Virgin Mary for her aid. “Turn your gaze to Mary. Her whole life tells you that nothing is impossible for God. By imitating her and constantly invoking her, you will be able, like her, to bring joy and love” (St. John Paul II).


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