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The title of this article is taken from a report written by Fr. José María Alba Cereda, S.J. who stated: "According to the medical evaluation, a psychological or abnormal explanation is unthinkable; neither is it feasible to entertain the possibility of commercial, propaganda, or fraudulent interests on behalf of the family members or of the village as a whole." His report is a call to take a new look at the message given to us through these apparitions. He says that we are called to an "authentic reform of life," and that "what Our Lady wants is our holiness." He also states that "the message given to the girls by the Blessed Virgin Mary on October 18th has a very simple structure:  sacrifice, penance, and visits to the Blessed Sacrament."  And this is true.  What Our Lady asks of us is nothing different from what the Church's teaching has taught us since the beginning of Christianity, a teaching that we must turn back to, remember, and truly live. There is a real urgency in our time, where laicism and the loss of awareness of sin are increasing, for "a rectification towards an authentic Christian life." How can we respond to this urgency? It really does begin with us. We have to evangelize, lead souls to the Lord, do apostolate… yes, the more the better. But we have to also work on that continuous interior conversion, being more and more faithful to the Lord, to His Word, and to what He asks of us. The Catechism of the Catholic Church says that, "The free gift of adoption [as children in the Son] demands on our part continual conversion and new life." (CCC 2784) We find the word "demands". Love in a certain way demands love. Seeing God's love towards us, and meditating on it, (especially on the Passion, like Our Lady asked us), the least we can do is respond with our love. The same thing happens when we see everything that took place in Garabandal. How can we not respond? The Virgin Mary comes as a Mother, not to tell us anything new or beyond what we already know, but to remind us what we have to do in order to reach Heaven, and what we can do so that others may know and love the Lord. The Virgin Mary asked Conchita once, "And you, will you respond?" She's asks us the same question and she's waiting for an answer, she's waiting for your answer.

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