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Where there is a Mother

In Garabandal the Virgin brought with her on several occasions the child Jesus.
Conchita writes in her diary:
"The Virgin sometimes bought with her the Child in her arms. He's was very small, like a new born baby. He had a round face, the same color as Our Lady, a very small mouth, his hair was curly and a bit long: he had very small hands, and was wearing a blue tunic."

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Garabandal and the Visitation

The Blessed Virgin Mary appeared for the first time in Garbandal on July 2nd, 1961. At the time, this day was the feast of the Visitation until it was later changed to the 31st of May by Paul VI in the reform of the Calendarium Romanum on February 14, 1969. With this in mind, we can most certainly exclaim with Saint Elizabeth, "Who am I that the Mother of my Lord should come to me?" (Lk 1:43), because she came to bring us joy, to bring us Jesus.
John Paul II said that "Elizabeth, with her joyful exclamation, invites us to appreciate all that the presence of the Virgin brings as a gift to the life of each believer."
In the biblical narration of the Visitation of Our Lady to her cousin Elizabeth we contemplate how charity urged Mary to go "with haste to the mountain" in order to help her cousin Elizabeth who was with child. More than lend her help physically we should look at how much joy she bought her by bringing Jesus with her.

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The Sacred Heart

Of all the visions that Jacinta Gonzalez had in Garabandal, one stands out over all the rest — her vision of the Sacred Heart of Jesus.
While the other three girls were in ecstasy seeing Saint Michael, Jacinta was seeing Jesus. He was about ten feet away standing on a small, white cloud slightly above the ground. He was incomparably beautiful; "the handsomest of men" as Jacinta said.

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