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Healed from Leukaemia

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Monsignor Ottaviani said, "I accompany you with all my heart. Spread Garabandal. Do so with charity, but spread Garabandal as much as you have life as promised to the Virgin." Monsignor Ottaviani told him clearly that he believed in Garabandal.

Brother David García Mugaes belongs to the Congregation of the Hearts, Brothers of the Sacred Heart, and teaches at the Benito Nazar School in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Without knowing it, Brother David had been suffering from leukaemia.
He had reached such a state that the Brother Superior was very concerned about his health. The doctors gave him no more than two or three months to live. He was thin and his skin was transparent. Frankly, he was in a pitiful state.
The Brother Superior sent Br. David to the Chapel to pray for one of his brothers who was seriously ill. Brother David prayed without knowing that he was praying for his own health.
One of the brothers of the Community thought that a religious should know to prepare for his passing, and told Brother David bluntly:
- We're praying for you.
Shocked, Brother David spent a few days prostrate with grief then pulled himself together. As he had already heard of Garabandal through Julio Pose, Br. David promised the Virgen Mary that if he was cured he would dedicate all his time, after his teaching obligations, to make the Messages and Apparitions of Garabandal known.

Suddenly, the doctor began to wonder what was happening. Br. David’s blood tests had improved dramatically and no longer had to take medications because he was cured.

He said: "I'm sure that the Virgin Mary healed me. Now I have to fulfil my promise and I will spread Garabandal’s message as much as I can."

His strength improved so much that he made a pilgrimage to the Shrine of Our Lady of Luján, about sixty kilometers on foot from Buenos Aires.

Two years later, the Congregation of the Hearts had their General Chapter. The Brother Superior, seeing his enthusiasm for spreading the Messages of Garabandal, chose Br. David to accompany him to Rome for the Order's General Chapter and do new analyses and see if he was completely cured.

For his peace of mind, he wanted to have blood tests done at the San Juan de Dios Clinic in Rome to find out what state Br. David was in. From several doctors in Buenos Aires the diagnosis that he was cured was already certain. In Rome the analyses came back that he was completely normal. He did second analysis, knowing that Br. David had had leukaemia, and it gave the same result: he was completely healthy.

At that time there was a lot of opposition to the spreading the Messages of Garabandal. This greatly upset Br. David, and he decided to ask for an audience with Cardinal Ottaviani, Prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, to consult him about the promise he had made to the Virgin Mary to spread the Messages and Apparitions of Garabandal.

He asked for an audience three times, but they refused. Upon insisting a fourth time, they told him, "You won't have an audience."

Right at that moment Monsignor Ottaviani walked by and said, "What's going on here, what is this?"

Br. David told him the why he wanted an audience and thanked Our Lady of Garabandal in silence as Cardinal Ottaviani immediately received him. It was November 27, 1968. He presented the analysis that gave him at most three months of life as well as the results of his wonderful healing. He submitted this case of conscience to Monsignor Ottaviani: on one hand, his promise to the Virgin Mary to spread the Messages of Garabandal; on the other, the prohibitions of the Bishopric of Santander.

Monsignor Ottaviani said, "I accompany you with all my heart. Spread Garabandal. Do so with charity, but spread Garabandal as much as you have life as promised to the Virgin." Monsignor Ottaviani told him clearly that he believed in Garabandal.

When he returned to Buenos Aires he was satisfied, but the Brother Superior decided that the meetings he held on the 18th of each month at the Benito Nazar School would be held outside the school.

Then he founded the Mariana Broadcaster to spread the Garabandal Messages in Argentina. The Message also reached the neighboring countries of Chile and Paraguay.

For six years he enjoyed perfect health and fulfilled his promise to the Virgin Mary to make her Apparitions and Messages of Garabandal known.

The time finally came for Our Lady to take Br. David to Heaven. He became ill at an old age and after a lot of work and sacrifice. He had to be admitted to a sanatorium. He suffered the consequences of the disease as a final sacrifice for about fifteen days.

During the day he was taken care of by the faithful of the Marian Movement, and at night by Sister Alicia of the Servants of Mary. On his last day, he told Sister Alicia clearly, "Now you have to prepare me for Heaven. I do not say 'eternity,' but rather 'Heaven,' because I know that I am going to Heaven.

Sr. Alicia told him her intentions so that when he went to Heaven he could tell them to the Virgin Mary. Brother David promised that he would: "I am sure that the first thing I will see in Heaven will be the Virgin Mary, and I'll tell her all your requests."

There was a very strong tropical storm and it rained all day andnight. At dawn, a few minutes after Br. David died, “an extraordinary light illuminated the room, like a ray of light on Br. David's face. The Virgin took him to Heaven. This light contrasted with the outer darkness of the storm."

This light impacted Sr. Alicia very much. She said, "He was truly a saint and is already in Heaven. Do not cry, he is happy."


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